Latest news from eastern and coastal Ghana

Thanks to Nancy Chuang, who is Ghana right now researching the coming 8th edition of the Bradt Guide, for the following key updates (listed in alphabetical order):

  • ACCRA (TESHIE-NUNGUA): people who book online would already know this, but if you’re driving out to the African Royal Beach Hotel without making prior contact, just know that it is now Best Western Plus Accra. Inside has been refurbished, looks great, a little more expensive than before.  Std $150, Dlx $170, Seaside Suite $210, Fam Suite $330, Royal $410, Pres Suite $610. May be 20% off on weekends.  03027111118, 0548325184


  • AKOSOMBO: Dodi Princess cruise still not running. All over Akosombo there are sad posters about partying over Christmas/NYE on the Dodi Princess in 2017, but it didn’t happen. They’re hoping for September or October this year.
  • AKOSOMBO: Akosombo – Yeji ferry: may halt for a while if there isn’t enough cargo. Currently paused for 1 month, don’t expect to restart until early September. Call to check: Akosombo: 0205483843 or 0242589445 (Michael), Yeji: 0201545388 (Josiah). Kete Krechi: 0246988875.
  • AKUSE: the ferry to Ada Foah is no longer running, it was a temporary service due to a broken bridge.
  • BEYIN: Beyin Beach Resort burned down. They don’t expect to be operational until at least April or May 2019.
  • BRENU: Brenu Paradise Beach Resort, as listed on p224 of the 7th edition, is closed. (However, the similarly-named Brenu Beach Resort, listed on p223, remains open)
  • BUSUA: there is increased competition among surf shops, and lower prices. Most are 50 cedis (sometimes 70) for lessons, 20 cedis per hour for rental, some will reduce price for larger groups. Ahanta Waves still exists next to Coconut Dreams. Laughing Goat is being operated from Coconut Dreams. Justice Brothers, next to Dadson’s. Kangaroo Pouch Beach Resort. Black Star, which was at Scorpion Hill Lodge, has closed. But Scorpion has its own surf shop now. Also the very new Busua Paradiso resort has some surfers on call to do lessons/rentals.
  • ELMINA: just FYI, there is a sea defense wall blocking direct access to beach from both Stumble Inn and Elmina Bay. The plan is to eventually extend this wall through Cape Coast. It’s possible to walk about 200m from either hotel to access beach.
  • ELMINA: the restaurant inside St. George’s Castle closed.
  • HALF ASSINI: If you’re traveling all the way to Half Assini for Sunset Paradise Resort, don’t. It closed.
  • KROBO/KPONG: WAASPS, the NGO teaching young women to build and fly planes and took tourists up for short rides, has closed.
  • MOREE: Moree Beach Resort closed.
  • MOUNT AFADJATO: there are two accommodations listed as being run by the Ecotourism Centre. The manager said both were operational. Did not see anyone at either one, very rough, slow road getting to either one, and a neighbor said that Nubui had not been working for a long time. If you want to stay, confirm with the manager at centre.
  • TAKORADI: STC bus services halted for a while, but seem to be stable again. Tema 6:30, 13:30 40 cedis, Accra 6:30, 13:30 daily, 01:00 Mon-Sat, 35 cedis. Tamale Mon & Fri 8:00 105 cedis. Bolga Mon & Fri 8:00 120 cedis, Abijan in the morning 130 cedis, Kumasi 50 cedis, neither had specific times on the schedule.
  • WLI WATERFALLS: Upper Falls hike isn’t actually closed in the rainy season, you can go at any time. Apparently there are two paths to the Upper Falls and the short one is the most difficult.
  • FORTS: there is an official notice (dated January 2015) that Elmina and Cape Coast cost 40 cedis, and ALL other forts cost 10.  Some worthwhile forts like Fort Amsterdam or Fort William don’t have the notice posted, and will attempt to charge more. Something to keep in mind if you go to those before going to the major forts to see the notice.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY FEES: I have yet to see anyone collect these. In some cases I reminded staff (like at Wli Waterfall) that I had a camera and they said it didn’t matter.
  • ROAD CONDITIONS: severely deteriorated over the last couple years. The roads emanating from Hohoe are especially rutted, and will add hours to any journey.


3 thoughts on “Latest news from eastern and coastal Ghana

  1. Chris Sterba says:

    Is the number for Michael, the Akosombo contact for the Yapei Queen, correct? I haven’t got through, and the phone number seems a few digits too long “020553483843.” Thanks very much.

    • Nancy says:

      I’m so sorry! I don’t know how I wrote it down like that, but somehow after I tried a few random variations on this number, Michael actually called me back on a number that I wasn’t even trying! The vagaries of of Ghana mobile. He called me on 0205483843, and also uses 0242589445.

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