Ankassa and surrounds

Corey writes:

We recently visited the Ankasa Conservation Area and I had a few updates to options for accommodation near and in the park.

The exploration centre at Ankasa is no longer functioning. The floor boards are rotting out, screens are broken, and it appears as if no one has been there in years. Our guide claimed that they will be remodeling it but, truthfully, I don’t believe anything will be done.
Nkwanta Camp – This camp is no longer open to tourists. When we visited there were staff living in the quarters and we were told that tourists no longer stayed here.
Ankasa Camp – We didn’t check out this campsite or ask about it but chances are it is in a similar state to the other campsites managed by the reserve.
Frenchman’s Farm – We had a lovely stay at Frenchman’s. They are remodeling their guest quarters. It’s nothing over the top but perfect for the 20 Cedi per night you pay for a room. We felt the experience was more of a homestay and we were well looked after. Dinners (10 Cedi/person) were served family style and were always delicious. They even went out of their way to make sure there were vegetarian options for those of our group who don’t eat meat. The Frenchman and his family were also happy to prepare us takeaway lunches for our hikes in the reserve. I highly recommend Frenchman’s but suggest calling ahead because their rooms are limited.
As for as the reserve itself, it is very likely that multiple primate species that once existed are now locally extinct (Roloway monkey and White-naped magabey are almost certainly gone). As in the rest of Ghana, the bush meat trade is rampant in Ankasa. It was apparent from our visit and the state of the camps, trails, and signs that Ankasa is not a priority for the wildlife division, which is incredibly unfortunate because at one time it was probably quite the destination for eco-tourism.

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