New 24/7 beach bar at JayNii in Jamestown (Accra)

Jay & Nii, owners of JayNii StreetWise Project in Jamestown, write:

Bright by day and colourful by night, the new JayNii Beach Resort is situated right behind and below Jamestown Lighthouse in the heart of Old Accra.

It offers a panoramic view of fishermen bringing in their catch on a beach where turtles are sometimes found ashore, against the backdrop of historical Fort James and Jamestown Lighthouse

The beach bar operates 24/7. But for food, groups have to call in advance.

You can also enjoy the irresistible music and dance of the creative and dynamic Jaynii cultural troupe, who perform traditional material but also create their own music and dance from simple Ghanaian instruments that will surely set your waist wriggling till you drop.

You can buy JayNii’s fantastic Afropop music album or J-Bags souvenirs by donating some amount that goes into helping the children – the StreetWise Project.

Join our spectacular Drum and Dance lesson that will keep you coming for more even when you have become a professional in no time.
All proceeds of JayNii Beach Resort and the JayNii Cultural Troupe goes into the Jaynii StreetWise organization which has its ultimate aim of improving the lives of children and youth by picking children off the street and putting them in to the classroom to empower them and provide them with skills.

Meet Jay & Nii, the enterprising young managers of JayNii, who will serve you with chilled drinks and make you feel at home.

Come and have a genuine experience of what we are known for: Warm People.

The location, safety, serene atmosphere and the direct fresh breeze from the ocean makes it exquisite. Itʼs not for nothing that both locals and foreigners say itʼs ACCRAʼS BEST KEPT SECRET

Kindly check the site below to see what we are talking about please

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