Admission and photography fees

Solveig writes:

I’ve just returned from a 3-week trip to Ghana (April/May 2013), mostly along the Western Ghanaian coast and to Ashanti region, and would like to mention that the entrance fees for sights (e.g. Elmina & Cape Coast castle, Kakum National Park) have increased quite a bit for foreigners, plus there is now a 20 cedi camera fee in both castles! (instead of 2 cedis)

2 thoughts on “Admission and photography fees

  1. bobarmantrout says:

    The 20 cedi camera fee is ridiculous and insulting. We have stopped taking guests into the castles for this reason alone, and choose to walk around the the outside of the castles instead. It just feels like a shakedown and is very upsetting to some of our friends. What’s next a charge for wearing shoes in? Sheesh!

  2. Chris Martin says:

    I agree! Was in Ghana through the month of June & experienced the fees at the National Museum. I had a conversation with a friend who runs an inn in Kumasi & we both agree that the Tourism Ministry & the Ghanaian government just don’t get it; The more expensive it gets, the few tourists Ghana will see. They also need to deal with their visa prices & airport fees! I am a big fan of Ghana so I really hate to see them going in the wrong direction…

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