Trip report Feb 2013

Margriet writes:
Just came back from a trip of three weeks to Ghana. Here are my do and dont’s.
* Sanbra Hotel Kumasi: I have been her in 2009 and also during my last trip. The hotel isn’t that nice anymore  The room  wasn’t very clean and everything is getting old. There was also a lot of noise from the market.We payed 65 cedis for a double room.
* We went also to the Zoo. I found it a depressing place.
* My favorite place at the beach is Ko-Sa beach resort around Ampenye. I have been there many times. The food is really good especially the grilled lobster! I send a lot a friends over to this place and they all where really happy about the food and the place itself.
* Since a year they also have  a cafe/ restaurant at the opposite of Cape Coast Castle Coast2Coast. The menu is a bit the same as at Ko-sa and also very nice.
* Tamale: Heritage Hotel very nice and clean hotel with AC, hot shower and TV. 80 cedis double room
* We took a taxi fro Tamale to Mole. We paid 200 cedis. We heard from some other travellers they did it for about 160 cedis.
* Nkronza: Hand in Hand community. I have been there already a couple of times and it just just a beautiful project. The rooms are simple and clean. The food is also good and simple.They have a daily menu.
* Accra food: restaurant/bar Monsoon, oxford street. The best sushi in town!
* Accra bar: Melting moment: a good place for a good lunch and milkshake place Labone close to Danquah circle.
* Accra bar/restaurant/hotel: Roots is a new hotel close to oxford street. It is a high building with a beautiful view over Accra. The restaurant is at the top. There is also a bar down stairs where you can get nice shakes and  juices. The hotel is expensive and nice.  They have a website:
* In Accra we stayed at Joska Lodge and that was nice. They have wifi, AC and hot water in their rooms and also a generator. That was very nice because there were a lots of power cuts in Osu.  We payed 85 cedis for a double room.


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