Adanwomase, near Kumasi

Adanwomase is a great place to go

My wife, our daughter at 10 and I took a taxi from Komasi to Adanwomase, about 30 min. We came in the afternoon, and stayed there two nights at Konadu Memorial Lodge (C25 per night) – Maxwell is the host, and he is very helpful. His number is 024 6749146. It is not high standard, but it is clean and okay. Maxwell was our guide for two days, and he did the cooking for us for almost no money. In the morning we vent to Eric at the Visitor Center, where we in three hours were introduced to Kente weaving, cocoa-farming and the life in Andanwomase, In the afternoon Maxweel took us to Ntonso, visiting the Adinkra visitor center. In the morning the last day we vent by tro-tro to Komasi and further on by bus to Tamale and Mole. Maxwell guided os the whole way to Komasi and helped os finding the bus to Tamale.

We really did enjoy our stay at Andanwomase, absolutely a peaceful hassle free village with a lot of hospitality

Alma, Elsebeth & Soren


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