Online visa application forms

Visas for Ghana – the High Commission in London has just changed over an online application system for visas – see VisaApplication.aspx.

The system is outrageously slow – it took an hour to fill in one form.  You also have the option to pay online now.  Print out a copy of the online form, sign and send with passport and 2 photos to High Commission in London.  We got ours back in less than 2 weeks.  It is possible to get a 2 year multiple entry visa for £160, a single entry visa is £50.


4 thoughts on “Online visa application forms

  1. philipbriggs says:

    I’ve just been informed that the website might sometimes freeze or crash mid-application… any further feedback welcome!

    • James Fraser says:

      Its good to have advanced info. You could consider putting this on Lonely Planet, Thorn Tree. I think it would be of interest to those from UK. James.

  2. Kira says:

    The new visa system is appalling, Ghana is shooting itself in the foot by not allowing overland travellers to obtain their visas in neighbouring countries. This new system together with the online form that isn’t on a stable website for the UK High Commission will only bring tourism numbers down. Ghana, please re-think!

  3. Muntaka says:

    Kira you are right. I am unaware of this situation. I will try to draw the authorities attention to this difficulties by writing endless letters to various newspapers and online portals. Tourists should be able to freely enter and leave the country. Most often you wonder the sort of people making these kind of decisions. Stupid.

    As a Ghanaian (live in Accra), I find it troubling as well.

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