Impressions of hotels in Ghana

After returning from a two week holiday in Ghana, we we would like to share some impressions of our travel with you as well as some suggestions we have for the next edition of the guide. 

As a general initial note we enjoyed our travelling through this wonderful country and found your guide most helpful.

1. Four Villages Inn

We followed your suggestion to stay at the Four Villages Inn. Our stay at the Inn was the most positive of our entire trip. We fully agree to your description in the guide that it has the feel of a family home.

However, we had the strong feeling that the listing of the Inn in the guide amongst the other possibilities to stay in Kumasi does not fully do justice to this place. The Four Villages Inn stands out from other accomodation in Kumasi and, as a matter of fact, from other accomodation in Ghana to the extent that we can judge this. It has the homely and familiar atmosphere of a place that makes you feel as though you have been going there for years even if it is your first stay. The home-cooked food gives you the opportunity to try Ghanian dishes it the pleasant surroundings of a living room.

2. Hans’ Cottage Botel

Our stay in this hotel was most unpleasant. We had live music until the late at night right in front of our room (which was in the main building of the hotel). Upon our request to be let to have a night of sleep, we were informed that the musicians were insisting to play and could not be prevented from it. They were also not willing to play at any other location on the area of the hotel but wanted to play at the main pool, thereby making it impossible to sleept before the musicians decided to grant you that favour. 

The shower of our room did not function. A complaint at the reception at check-out was responded to by a snubbish commment to the effect that we could have had a shower in another room, had we asked. We must say that we were given an appropriate discount for the lack of the shower after all.

We understand that this hotel may have been an outstanding place in the past, but meanwhile it has the charme of a run-down all-inclusive club and is an unpleasant and overpriced place to spend a night. We would therefore suggest to reconsider the broad advertisment of this place given by your travel guide on page 170. (Perhaps this grey box could be reallocated to the Four Villages Inn –  just a thought we had).

3. Car rental in Tamale

In Tamale we stayed at the Mariam hotel, not last because it has an attached car rental (Daud’s Car Rentals), which rents out 4-by-4 cars, which are handy for trips to the Mole national park. We rented such a car for one day. Arriving at the park, we were informed that we would have to renegotiate by telephone with the boss of the car rental if we wanted to take the car into the park. We had, actually, rented the car for the entire day and had agreed to pay for the petrol separately. This car rental obviously tries to exploit the situation you are in once you are on your trip and are met by a simple “you pay more or I will simply not do as we agreed”.

4. Akwaaba Beach Guest House in Accra and Ramada Hotel

The Akwaaba Beach Guest House listed on page 117 of the guide has closed. We spent the night in the near Ramada Hotel – which used to be the New Coco Beach Resort, and has a very pleasant location on the beach. However, the rooms are seriously overpriced (at USD 200 per night) and the service is a disgrace. 

First, we were informed that there were only superior double rooms left, which, of course, were far more expensive than the normal rooms. We noticed later that there were in fact only about three other guests in the entire hotel. At dinner, we had to fetch a waiter for every order despite being the only guests in the restaurant and a counted seven waiters were either chating or playing computer games at the restaurant bar. 

Lastly, we found a number of long hairs and strange stains on the bed sheets, which seemed not to have been changed since the last guest had left. We considered to be inacceptable at the price we were paying and requested the sheets to be changed. Instead, we were told that we would have to change rooms late at night, which in the end took nearly one hour. The hotel staff did not apologize but to the contrary seem to consider our request exaggerated.

We cannot recommend staying at this hotel.

5. Turtle Project at Ningo

The Turtle Conservation and Ecotourism Project mentioned on page 216 of the guide has ceased to exist. According to local information, the two aid workers who developed the programme left and the project was supposed to be continued by locals. The project now consists of the ruins of a house with some faded paintings of turtles. 

Best regards,

Alfred and Birgit Siwy

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