Wli Falls to Kumasi via Lake Volta and the Afram Plains

Bart and Kimberley write: We much appreciate your work in the Bradt Ghana travel guide. This has been our primary tool for our ongoing 5 week Ghana journey. We have two weeks left. Yesterday, we travelled from the Wli Falls to Kumasi by crossing Lake Volta and the Afram Plains. It took us 1 taxi, … Continue reading Wli Falls to Kumasi via Lake Volta and the Afram Plains

July 2016 trip report

Lluís Vives writes: We've just come back from our trip in Ghana, which we really enjoyed. Your guidebook and updates have been really helpful although most of the prices have changed due to current exchange rate (for euro, about 4.4GHC / 1 euro). In Accra, we found the Rising Phoenix Hotel in Usher absolutely rundown and … Continue reading July 2016 trip report

News from Tricko Villa, Kpandu

Patrick of Tricko Villa writes: Tricko Villa in Kpando now offers home-stay services in addition to normal lodging and prices are flexible with a friendly manager and his family of about 5. We have a small backyard animal farm of turkeys, fowls and guinea-fowls. Front compound beautiful with green grass and fruit trees. WE are … Continue reading News from Tricko Villa, Kpandu