News from Volta Region

Paul and Chiemi write:

Mountain Paradise Lodge in Biakpa: we have stayed there for three very enjoyable nights in the beginning of November 2021. Due to COVID-19 business was still quite slow but both the place itself, the atmosphere and the service were excellent. The owner, Mr. Tony, has upgraded two rooms (one self-contained double, and a larger room) to have AC and TV and those are a little more expensive now. While we were there, Mr Tony and his well-traveled and friendly cousin Mr. Jean did the cooking themselves and all our meals were very delicious. The menu offers all Ghanaian classics in a vegetarian version and therefore offers a good opportunity for vegetarians to try them all at least once. We rented bikes to go to the monkey sanctuary at Tafi Atome (highlight!) and the kente weaving village (Tafi Abuife). The direct path described in the guidebook didn’t exist anymore, apparently since everyone now takes motorbikes around it isn’t maintained anymore. Because of this, the ride in the heat was much longer than we expected but Mr. Tony kindly came to pick us up. We highly recommend staying here for a couple of nights, it was our favorite place in the entire Volta region.

Maranatha Beach Resort: we stayed there for one night in the beginning of November. When we arrived there the entire beach was unfortunately covered with a thick layer of plastic waste and the whole place looked quite run-down. As the sun set, everyone left and we felt a bit lonely and unsafe (probably due to COVID-19 we were the only overnight guests). In the morning we signed up for what we thought was a tour to the monkey and crocodile islands described in the guide on our way to Anyanui. Instead, we were taken to a “zoo” on the other side of the lagoon where a single sad monkey was chained to a tree and some crocodiles were kept in a small pool. The entire experience was pretty depressing and was only somewhat saved by the fact that a recent storm had blocked the normal route to Anyanui which meant we had to take an hour long beautiful and quite adventurous detour through tiny mangrove channels

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