Brett Davies of Mr Brights Surf Camp & Tours writes: 

To celebrate 10 years of Mr Brights we are proud to announce the re launch of our website.  Mr Brights is the longest established professional surfing experience in Ghana.  With well over 38 years of surfing experience and having worked in the surfing industry for 29 years, we are happy to share our extensive knowledge not only of surfing but what Ghana has to offer regarding surf.

Mr Brights

We offer a full surfing experience from beginner to experienced surfing lessons, surfboard rentals weekend surfing packages, surf camps and surf tours.  Our coaches are the most experienced in Ghana with lifeguard qualifications and trained to coach at an ISA level (International surfing Association).

Surf Camp

Ghana is becoming recognized as one of the new up and coming world surf destinations, uncrowded world class waves, warm water, friendly locals, amazing culture, and relatively inexpensive.  If you’re looking for a totally new surf travel experience, Ghana ticks off all the boxes.

Uncrowded world class waves

We invite you to take a further look via our newly launched website which will give you the most in-depth information available for surfing in Ghana.

As we say in Ghana “You’re Invited oooo”

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