Kumasi Walking Day Tours

Antje Schmidt writes:

In November 2019 was the 4th time I visited Ghana with Ben Kwesi Annan from Kumasi Walking Day Tours. I went there in 2017, 2018, and 2019 in May and November. The 4th trip was just like meeting a good friend and amazing Tour guide.
On my first trip I came to Ghana with my sister and a friend, we were lucky we booked Ben Of Kumasi Walking Day Tours, ever since he is my personal guide and alot of German tourist use him because of his professionalism and his big knowledgeable of Ghanaian culture.
But on my last trip in November I’ve only spent 5 days in Ghana, so we didn’t visit that many tourist sites as during my other visits. We focused on Accra and Cape Coast, but it was neverless an outstanding and enjoyable Tour.
We have been at Labadi Beach – enjoying the sea, sun and sand, and I tried for the first time horse riding. This was a really good experience.
And that time we focused aswell on local food. As I already followed one of the cooking class (now I know preparing fufu) I was really interested to taste more local food and dishes. So we went to Jamestown where we’ve eaten dried fish and kenkey – simple and delicious food, I enjoyed my favorite red red, I tasted several street food and we had lunch at the best recommended restaurant in Accra – Azmera – where you can taste all the variety of the ghanaian cuisine! That was great!
One thing I wanna experience while travelling is local life and culture. Touring with Ben brought me so close to locals, I had the pleasure to chat and laugh with his people, and get to know local life there.
I’m choosing Ben as tour guide cause I’m not interested in comfortable seats in private transport or air conditions or other exclusive amenities – although that’s part of his portfolio I guess. But sharing a meal, experiencing the local transport like all ghanaians and chatting and joking is much more important for me when I’m travelling.
So if you’re heading to Ghana and you need one Experienced Local tour Guide who can take you around, Accra, Kumasi, Cape coast and other part count on this Guy BEN. He create Local Experience tour.

For more details, visit https://www.facebook.com/Kumasi-Walking-Day-Tours-Ghana

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