Volta Safari Guesthouse & Atimpoku

Lara writes:

First I want to thank you for your guide book about Ghana. It contains a lot of excelent information for travelling the country and was a big support for us.

Me and a fried visited Ghana in February 2020 for a 4 week trip through the country. I wanted to inform you about the place „Volta Safari Guesthouse“ close to Atimpoku (p. 303 in the travel guide), Eastern Region near the Lake Volta.

This guesthouse must have changed greatly in recent years, due to the construction of the Tema-Mpakadan Railway (scheduled to be complete in Sommer 2020, although my impression is that it will take much longer) and Mpakdan Inland Port (on the opposite site of the river to  Volta Safari Guesthouse).  A lot of construction and roadbuilding is going on around the guesthouse, and next to it they are building a bridge which seems to be part of the Mpakdan inland port.

The guesthouse itself doesn’t seem to be managed anymore. Before arriving we talked to the owner by phone. He didnt mention anything and let us make a reservation for a double room (150 GH Cedis). Before arriving we got a message, that Jonathan (his grandchild, how he told us) will take care of us. When we arrived, there was only him an his young friends hanging around. The place was extremely dirty (like it hadn’t been cleaned for weeks) with two rooms in the main house. There was no cleaning or any other service, no restaurant nor bar (as described in your book), only the run down building where the restaurants must have been situated before. We got a meal in the evening an some water plastic bags.

After we left one day later, the owner called us again and wanted to discuss about the payments. We explained him the circumstances but he was not willing to talk about whether the guesthouse is still running or not.

I assume that the region around Atimpoku will face deep changes in the near future. As I read later (you can find a lot of articles in the internet, the attached file shows the location of the inland port), there are also some conflicts going on between the  resident population, fishermen and the responsible building companies.



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