Paps Beach Camp, Keta

Lise writes:

First of all I would like to thank you for an amazing guide book for my travels around Ghana for the past month. So informative and well written – it’s been a pleasure having it as my companion in Ghana!

I’m currently in the Keta lagoon. And I’m staying in an amazing lodge that is not in your guide book, which I really think it should be. It’s called Paps Beach Camp and it’s situated on the beach in the small village Agorkedzi (GPS 5.772633, 0.707790), just across the estuary from Ada Foah. Or about 10 minutes drive further west from the Meet Me There Lodge. The place is locally owned by a guy called Papa, who used to work as a guide at the Meet me There Lodge but started his own place in 2012.
It’s without a doubt the best budget range place I’ve stayed in Ghana. Clean, beautiful beach huts build with local materials and beautifully decorated.
There’s a beautiful lounge for hanging out and a restaurant and bar – however it’s all empty. The place is much prettier and cleaner than the dirty, noisy beach lodges around Marantha Beach Camp in Ada Foah. Also much better, cleaner and prettier than other beach camps I’ve seen in the area which have managed to get into your guide book (Midas, Abutia and Emancipation Beach Camp are the places I’ve seen).
Right next to the beach huts is a turtle hatchery and the turtles come ashore to lay eggs in front of the lodge. Also there’s a volleyball net, however there’s no electricity, but you can get light and charge your phone with the solar panels (nice and eco friendly). Bucket showers… The price is 50 GHC per night for a beach hut which sleeps 2 people which is much better value than many other places I’ve stayed the past month.
If you want to connect with the owner, Papa, his phone number is 0546291000 (WhatsApp) or 0508372717.
All in all I really think the place deserves to be in your guide book so more people can find this amazing beach spot.

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