Great chop bar in Busua

Milena writes:

I bought the Bradt travel guide for Ghana two years ago and was perfectly happy with it. I stayed in Ghana  for one year and enjoyed following a lot of suggestions for journeys from that guide. But I would like to add a hint for a really good restaurant in Busua. I couldn’t find it on the list of chop bars and restaurants in the book. The chop bar is called “Bisa Nyame” ( ask God) and belongs to a wonderful and superfriendly woman called Florence. She offers local dishes, as well as more western orientated food like chocolate pancakes and cheese sandwiches, which are quite delicious. Apart from that she also offers fresh lobster, if you order for it one day in advance. Together with rice and vegetable stew it is really tasty and also very cheep, compared to other restaurants in the village. The chop bar is located on one corner of the taxi parking area (there is only one in the whole village – one couldn’t miss it) on the opposite side of the “justice brothers – fight against plastic” – signboard. But one could also simply ask for Florence’s Place. Her contact number is +233 24 855 8437 or +233 54 743 0585.

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