Budget accommodation in Larabanga

Barbara writes:

I am Barbara from Slovenia, and I work for a Slovenian NGO Humanitas (www.humanitas.si), which runs children’s education projects with local partner organizations in Ghana. Our local partner in Larabanga, organisation AEDIRG (https://www.aedirg.org/), recently set up a volunteer house which also serves as accommodation for tourists. Rooms are simple but clean and comfortable. All the profit is used for running of the community library which the organisation runs and is located next to the house.

AEDIRG is a non-governmental and non-profit organization based in Larabanga, dedicated to providing educational support to children in rural communities. We fund schooling for children from marginalized backgrounds and we offer educational support and guidance for the children in the community. Together with our partners from Slovenia, non-profit organization Humanitas, we also run a Community Library/Centre for Active Learning which we constructed together in 2009. The library is widely used by the children and youth in Larabanga and adjoining communities and it serves as a place for learning, research and community gatherings.

We also provide year-round programs for local and international volunteers which support us in our activities. In order to accommodate volunteers but also travellers visiting Larabanga and Mole National Park we constructed an accommodation facility called “AEDIRG Volunteer’s Home”, located right next to the library. Rooms are simple but clean and comfortable. Every room is equipped with a double bed, a fan and a shower. Toilets are shared. There are also a kitchen and dining room available for use. Accommodation costs 10 USD per person per night.

All the profit from the accommodation is used for the activities and maintenance of the library.

Our center is located on the left off the main Street upon your entry to Larabanga from Damongo.

+233 543 947 224
+233 244 071 474
+233 556 444 361
+233 248 638 443
E-Mail: info@aedirg.org / aliasfatawu@yahoo.com

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