Tumi Hostel, Kumasi

Pablo writes:

Thanks for the Guide, which is helping me a lot travelling through Ghana

I wanted to inform you about a hostel in Kumasi, which is runned by some dutch ladies:



Actually this was one of the best hostels I ever stayed at. They are offering free filtered water and a delicious (always vegetarian) dinner every day for a little money.

TUMI Hostel is a project of TUMI Ghana; a NON-Profit organisation that helps underprivileged young women in Kumasi. Due to several reasons such as poverty and early motherhood, girls often don’t have the chance to go to school long enough to learn employable skills. This leaves them financially dependent of parents and boyfriends. On our premises, directly next to our Hostel, you can find the TUMI Ghana’s Women Empowerment Centre. It offers vocational training in sewing and hair dressing. With these skills the young women can earn their own income and therewith take care of themselves and their children. In addition to educating them, TUMI Ghana provides free access to birth control methods and sex education.

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