News from Kumasi & Tamale

Thanks to Nancy Chuang, updater of the 8th edition, for the following key updates:


Food in central Kumasi: Vic Baboo’s and Queen’s Gate are both closed. Ike’s Café and Grill is great (same owners as a similarly-named place in Atlanta), and located somewhat near city center in the National Cultural Center.

KNUST: This is a much bigger story than I can get into here, but the university has been closed indefinitely following recent police violence and student riot.

Pink Panther: closed for renovations, no further information about re-opening.

Sports Hotel: the terrace bar has closed.

Supermarkets: A-Life has gone way downhill, but the Spanish discount chain Citydia just opened (in center) this month.

Transportation: Uber is now available in Kumasi, possibly even worse than in Accra, but still somewhat easier to deal with than taxis.

The View Bar: Now doesn’t open until 5pm. The same owners opened The Pitch Bar (a sports bar & restaurant) across the street last year, which opens at noon.

Asempa Lodge: now called Clinton Lodge. There’s a nice new swimming pool, but no longer sells alcohol.

GIGDEV: the founder died several years ago, and while the girls’ school is still running, it’s very unclear if the crafts shop is.

Mike’s Pub: seems to be going through some issues. The cook quit without a replacement and apparently only one person in the business has the key to the drinks fridge….and isn’t always there.

Swimming: Discovery Centre looks abandoned. The owner is actually in prison. VRA Clubhouse pool is also closed. Now Gariba Lodge also has a smallish pool, and a lot of locals like the pool at the new Regal Hotel.

Tamale Centre for Photographic Research and Practice: HIGHLY recommend visiting this brand new exhibition hall, in the former state printing house across from Al Hassan Hotel/Bank of Ghana. The current exhibition—Northern Ghana Life—featuring mostly local photographers, is incredibly well-done, and only running until November 15th. Hours are a little irregular so check their Facebook page or call 0207053662 for more info. It’s being run with the Nuku Studio in Accra, which put on Ghana’s first national photography festival this year.

Tasneem Bookshop: has been closed a long time.

Transportation: the mahama camboos–converted motorcycles that readers would know as tuk-tuks or auto-rickshaws in other countries–are nicknamed yellow-yellows in Tamale. They do the same shared routes on major boulevards that the taxis do, for only 1-2 cedis.

Travel Ghana: this tour agency doesn’t seem to exist.

One thought on “News from Kumasi & Tamale

  1. jotsna says:

    Vic Baboos Cafe now JLC Baboos cafe has reopened in a different location. Offering the same amazing food and better location with indoor and outdoor seating available

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