News from Digya National Park

Nancy Chuang, updater for the 8th edition, writes:

Digya is still generally underdeveloped for tourism, and is not easily accessible during the rains. Best to visit from January to mid-May.

Entry prices:
– Non Ghanaian adult = Ghc 20.00
– Non Ghanaian student= Ghc 10.00
– Ghanaian adult = Ghc 10.00
– Ghanaian student = Ghc 5.00
Plus guard fee of 10 cedis pp for first hour and 5 cedis per each additional hour.

Both bird-watching and hiking are best between 6-10AM or 4-6PM. It may be possible to arrange a wooden canoe ride with the wildlife staff to go bird-watching, which only costs the entrance & guard fee. Otherwise the prices to hire a boat range widely. Note that only a few guards have been trained in tourism and speak English well.

The park is open daily, but it’s strongly recommended to arrange your visit in advance. The director’s number is 0208261367 (WhatsApp). The head office is actually at Atebubu, which is where the director is based. But there’s an officer available at Donkorkrum as well, which is closer to Accra. 0207095121 or 0244693507.

From the northern side of the park: join a passenger boat or charter one from Abotuase, Kwadwokrom or Kete-Krachie, and request to be taken to Edrakpota near Zikpo/Hedzro. This could take 30min to an hour depending on type of boat. There are resident guides there who can help visitors.

From southern side: the park boundaries are about 30 min drive from Donkokrum in dry season. The officers may be available to give motorcycle ride, otherwise you need a taxi or your own vehicle. There’s another entrance through the Afram Plains that is about 2 hours drive from Donkokrum.

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