Central Ghana updates

Many thanks to Nancy Chuang – travelling through Ghana right now gathering info for the 8th edition – for these detailed updates from central Ghana:


Due to slowdown in tourism, the director is not always available, there isn’t really an active visitors center. Call him to confirm your visit in advance (especially if it’s a weekend) at 0243412016. I met two farmers who said they can also show visitors the process themselves, but the director said that people have complained that the tour wasn’t very clear with the farmers. 10 cedis for farm tour/demonstration, but they no longer do hiking to other villages.


Bamboosero project is basically finished, the builders moved to Osino but aren’t making bikes regularly because not enough customers. It’s a little difficult to find the bauxite beadmakers, could only find one old man (Kwani Asanti 0504478261) who has a workshop, because one of the women who makes beads is always inside her home.


Now there is only package tour price for 30 cedis + 20 for mandatory guide, it includes the falls plus the Umbrella rock and caves, and there’s a 2 cedis fee for climbing the ladder to Umbrella Rock. Akaa Falls may be closed by the time you see this, they had issues with falling rocks and they are moving under Boti Falls’ management.


Shai Hills Resort is closed
Sunbird Lodge is closed

ROAD INFO: Begoro to Adowso (for ferry) is completely rutted.

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