Eastern Ghana updates

Many thanks to Nancy Chuang, who is currently in Ghana updating the Bradt Guide for the 8th edition, for these useful news snippets:

  • Although neither place mentioned anything, the land that Maranatha and Midas Beach Camps are on has been purchased to be used by a big chain hotel. Supposedly, they are trying to fight this purchase.
  • Contrary to what I was told in Akuse, the ferry service in Ada to Akuse is definitely running. The timing is different than before: leaves Mondays 6AM taking up to 14 hours. Returns Tuesday 6AM from Akuse. 5 cedis. There has been no ferry to Anyanui (for the market) for at least 3 years, not certain if they will restart. There is no longer a tourist office.
  • Norman’s Folly, listed as “closed during visit” in previous book, is actually only open on weekend evenings. They eventually want to open 5-6 days per week. Imported cigars, whiskeys, wines. It’s difficult for mototaxis to locate, so just tell them to go to Hushie Hushie and it’s across the street.


  • Crossing into Togo: not certain why the book says border posts are 5km apart, but perhaps this changed. They are directly next to each other. The Ghanaian side is 6-7 minute walk from the trotro station, ignore anyone trying to charge you for a ride. Motos and taxis are waiting on Togolese side.
  • Supposedly STC has big buses to Accra for 55 cedis, and their sign had Kumasi scratched out. But when I was heading back myself, the only bus was going to Kumasi, while STC had AC vans to Accra for 28 cedis. Also, 25,000 CFA all the way to Abidjan.
  • If you are coming to Aflao from the west coast and can’t get a direct bus, look for a trotro/AC van to the Tema Motorway Roundabout. From here you can walk across the motorway (it’s not as bad as it sounds) to the Aflao trotro station without the painful transfer in Accra from Kaneshie to Tudu.
  • There’s a new UBA ATM before the GT bank. Takes Mastercard/Visa.


KETA: Lorneh Lodge is under construction by a new owner and mysteriously, no one in town knows who the owner is or what the name change will be. Probably best not to count on staying there soon. Abutia Guesthouse has closed.

LOGBA TOTA:  Might try arranging hike with Tony at Mountain Paradise in Biakpa. If you go directly to Logba Tota independently, there are 2 people running the tourism project, Mattias who speaks English (0547344588) and Christian who doesn’t speak much.  Road is very steep and probably uncomfortable on a motorbike if you have luggage. 4 cedis per seat for share taxi, you can rent the whole car.  There is a guesthouse next to their clinic but no information office in town center.

MOUNT ADAKLU: there was some argument between communities, so now Helekpe Visitors Centre is called the Hasu Visitors Centre. 0274085923. 20 cedis to hike, no photo fee. 50 cedis per drum/dance performance, no matter group size. There is no more Help Our Village Foundation, but there is the Adaklu Youth Education Committee, a locally-run org.  Resthouse has 3 rooms for 20 cedis.

SOGAKOPE: The new Sogakope Beach Resort is the furthest of all the river hotels, and well-worth the drive. Info at sogakopebeach.com. Chalet 300 weekday, 350 weekend/holiday, 750 high season includes full board. Exec suite 450/550/950 plus 100 per Jacuzzi use.


One thought on “Eastern Ghana updates

  1. Chris Sterba says:

    Nancy — do you have any updates or more current information on visiting Digya National Park? I am living in Ghana for a year and would like to visit. I have the 7th edition of the Bradt guide, but it’s a bit unclear how accessible the Park is. Thanks

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