Accra and Kumasi

Ricardo writes:


Niagara Plus, I would never recommend this hotel, I booked through their website a double room price 190 cedis, once arrived there they told me the real price was 330 cedis, and that the price on the web was wrong and that they will apply the price of 330 cedis (and they did, despite the week before I phoned them to confirm the reservation and price)…apart from that, hotel was dirty and very bad maintained (no hot water for shower, etc…), breakfast was horrible…..i would not include it on your next Edition….

Afia African Vilalge already recommended on the guide, nice place, kind people, gave us the option for a free room for shower and short sleep meanwhile waiting the late night flight check-in



Bus Accra to Kumasi, VIP company, good buses, comfort seats, luxury…price=40 cedis one trip + luggage = 10 cedis very recommendable

A clean and cheap hotel in a quite hood, Bantama is the GREAT LAND HOTEL, Address: Bantama near Nurses quarters..Telephone: 0322 032743 + +233 (0) 27 098 1141 e-mail:

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