News from Asumura

Solène writes:

I’ve been in Ghana for a while, and used your book a lot, it is good and has proved quite useful, thank you!

There is one point on which I really was disappointed, and thought I could give you updates and potentially help others. I went for the weekend to Asumura with Ghanaian friends (which helped a lot regarding Twi) hoping to be able to see the white-necked picathartes. The lodge there still exists (20 cedis per night), but the conservation initiative guesthouse seem to have disappeared. The main issue though was finding a guide: the one that the guesthouse used to recommend had left, we asked the forestry office, the chiefs and a few locals and nobody seemed to know anything about it. We were finally told that the only people who knew the nesting site was a hunter living in another village 30min-1h away by motorbike (sorry I didn’t grasp the name of the village in question) but that he was out in the forest most days so the only way to be sure to see him was to go there around 5am, which turned out to be not feasible for us, so I can’t guarantee the information is correct or the bird still nests there. We’ve also been told that there had been a fire last year and many animals, including birds, had left. Otherwise, we had tried to reach them beforehand to not have such problems, but couldn’t and understood once there that it was because there is no network in the village. They told us that the best thing would have been to go to the forestry commission in Sunyani (that’s where we were coming from, but I guess any would do) beforehand, and they could have arranged something, as they have radios to contact the local office in Asumura.

I hope this information is useful and could prevent others from being disappointed.

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