Orphanage in Larabanga

Lea writes:

I’ve been in Ghana almost 7 months as a volunteer and your travel guide is just wonderul. I’ve used it many times for travelling and it is always a big help to me!

While in Mole Park and Larabanga, I met an amazing person other readers might want to contact. His name is Ibrahim Soburu and he lives and runs an orphanage founded by his father in Larabanga. He cares for around 20 kids who lost their parents or whose parents are not able to take care of them. Instead of sleeping in the Mole Park or any other Hostel/Hotel there, you can stay at the orphanage. For me it was just an unforgettable stay, because we could stay together really close with the kids he is supporting.

Call Ibrahim and he will pick you up in Damongo with his own car and bring you to the orphanage. You can stay as long as you want. It´s possible to shower, you can order tasty food (10 cedi per meal is quite a lot, but all the money is going to the orphanage) and you can also sleep there in a room or outside on the roof, as you choose. There is no charge to stay in the orphanage, but a donation is expected, to help support the children (as a rough guideline, around 10-20 cedis per person per night).
Ibrahim will organize everything you need. He knows all the times the tours at Mole start, so he will drive you there for the early morning tour, will bring you to any other village, if you want to, he will drive you back to the orphanage and he will also give you very good advice for travelling plans through the north of Ghana. He also knows when busses will leave to Tamale, Wa, etc and  he will bring you there, even in the early morning. Of course you have to pay for the drives with the car, but he is very reliable. The price for his car varies and it is cheaper for more people sharing. When I was there with another friend, it was around 20 cedi per person (Mole back and forth), but friends in a group of five told us they payed 60 cedi in total.
His contact is:
Ibrahim Soburu
P.O.Box Dm 96
Damongo N/R.G.H.
Phone-Number: +233 549 632 615

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