Feb 2017 trip report

Patricia writes:

My sister and I travelled to Ghana recently – 19-28 Feb. We used the Bradt Guide (6th edition) and found it invaluable both in our planning and on our journey – I see there is now a 7th edition, so some of our observations may have been addressed.

Accra National Museum is closed indefinitely due, we were told, to the poor condition of the building.

Outside the Kwame Nkrumah Museum, his statue is missing his head and the museum is dusty and dilapidated inside.

The picture of the Jamestown Lighthouse in edition 6 shows it as smart and recently painted whereas in fact, it is a scruffy looking building and like many of the old colonial buildings elsewhere have been left to deteriorate.

The botanical gardens at Aburi were very disappointing and like much of what we saw, needed care and attention.

We were sad that at Kakum National Park there is a new, yet unmade road, right through the middle of the rain forest.  Again their museum display panels were torn and scruffy and there was no programme for replanting trees.  There was very little information generally on plants in Ghana, such as the canna lilies or the frangipani trees.


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