Mognori & Kokrobite

Peter writes:

Re p 448 – ‘Mognori  Guesthouse’  does not exist as such, we stayed in a homestay.

The emails and numbers you list are all incorrect. The only contact seems to be Mr Abukari,  who is the local school teacher  – (00233) 05499354406

( The village seemed to be able to cope with people turning up unannounced).

The experience of staying in the village for  a couple of nights is excellent. The canoe safari is not a particularly worthwhile trip.

Re P168 – The Sandpiper  Hotel , Kokrobite  has a very poor restaurant – not ‘good’ . the hotel  does not really have a functioning  swimming pool or restaurant.    When we left, we were overcharged , and the owners were aggressive.

we moved to Kokrobite Garden Guesthouse which was  excellent.

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