Crime at Ezile Bay, Akwidaa

Regrettably, we have to alert readers to an ongoing crime problem at Ezile Bay, which is otherwise one of Ghana’s loveliest beach retreats. We received a report today about a break-in to one of the rooms on 24 December 2016 in which the victim lost all his valuables. We also understand that at least one similar incident happened earlier in 2016 and another on 28 December (see We do know that the management is doing its best to solve the problem, which is not of its creation, so hopefully this is only a short term issue. For the meantime, however, we would suggest that any travellers planning to stay at Ezile Bay leave all non-essential valuables somewhere behind lock-and-key in Busua or elsewhere.

3 thoughts on “Crime at Ezile Bay, Akwidaa

  1. Danielle Funfschilling says:

    Dear all,

    First i want to apologize for what happened at Ezile Bay. Robberies are an ongoing problem in Ghana especially during xmas time. We had 2 cases, one on the 24 december and the second one on the 28 december. In both, the staff did its best to help, calling police, carrying the guest to police station with a director assistance etc. Most of the items stolen on 28 December have been returned. We are still working on it.

    We have now 2 security guards, and are working to have more lights on the land, to securise the lodge and more. For years, we have also offered guests the option of keeping the valuables in a company safe. Always, when we have a problem we work with the other lodges, hotels etc.

    One of the big part of the problems in this area is the absence of traditional leadership. For more than 8 years Akwidaa hasn’t had a chief and the 2 royal families haven’t agreed on the appointment of a new one. Another traditionnal authority is missing, as there is no queen mother. It is really difficult to find a communauty leader to speak to. This lack of traditional authority is dramatic. It adds to a very high rate of unemployment among young people under 30 who are connected to Internet and have new needs.

    As this area lacks traditional authority, we have tried to work with the police. But there is no police station in this area with more than 5000 inhabitants. The closest is one hour’s drive away. I have spoken to the police officers of Dixcove, Agona and Takoradi several times. I want to have appointment with the regional police commandeur and the M.P.

    Another point is much more personal. My husband, Olivier, died two years ago. Since his death, institutional relations and / or with authorities, whatever they are, have become more complex or impossible. Most of the time, they try to ‘take advantage’ because I am a woman and thus have second-class status in rural areas. The fact that I am foreign makes no difference. In remote areas, the sexual division of powers and authorities is prevalent.

    So, we are doing our best, working to solve the situation. Ezile Bay is a so lovely place. We need also your help, because without guests we cannot survive.

    We will have Ezile Bay secure in the coming weeks, so you can enjoy all that this corner of paradise has to offer as many have done before

    Danielle Funfschilling and Ezile Bay team.

  2. Françoise Quigley Landeau says:

    I would have like so much to hear that the robbery problem had been solved and the village next door put in order.
    Such beautiful and peaceful beaches!

    • Danielle Funfschilling says:

      Since january 2017, all is peaceful. No robbery anymore. We have working on security. Ad a light at night. And now, The village have new chief, a leader and an autority. We are working with him. all is ok. Thanks for your message. Danielle.

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