Max M writes:

Larabanga Mosque
Don’t go there. Warn your friends.
It’s a rip-off.
Locals claim to be eco-tourism guides and bully you into giving them all sorts of “donations”. “TIA – this is Africa” they replied when we asked for any kind of proof.
If you don’t “donate” money they grab your arms and hold on to your clothes until you do.
This was our only disappointing experience in Ghana in December 2016. Really, really sad.
There are other such mosques along the road south west of Larabanga along the N12 on the way back to Techiman/Kumasi, equally appealing.

One thought on “Larabanga

  1. Nurudeen says:

    This’s actually not possible!
    I have had so many experiences in that village and all that said is actually contrary to our experiences for so many years.
    Larabanga is a place of interesting tourism and village culture experience. So many visitors have made it there and none of what said was experienced. Please let us not sometimes downtrodden the image of the wonderful village.its not so as they said it is…

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