Midas New Estuary Beach Club, Ada Foah

Hartmut writes:

Midas New Estuary Beach Club is now worse than the neighboured Maranatha Beach club which seems to be the better choice. In June we were the only guests.

The reed huts: natural ventilation should be explained, it means that there that there are wide gaps of several centimetres between the wooden bars or between the door and the bars, easy entry for the salty air, mosquitos (ok there are mosquito nets over the bed)  and rats (we had there too). Result: in rainy season it is really cold and the clothes and the mattress will get quite wet at night because of the strong salty winds, not nice to go to bed then. Floor is concrete.

Less patronised means everything is worn down for years, the electric cabling in the huts is dangerous to life, the hammocks have holes, the bar building partly destroyed, sanitary installation see below.

sanitary installation: there is definitely no running water, no flush toilets, no showers with running water…. It seems that many many years ago there was some, you can see the old tubes, the destroyed shower head, the destroyed taps. The supply tubes are completely broken between here and the village. The water tank of the Western toilets are filled with dirt and algae. Therefore all the water comes from the river where is a risk of bilharzia nalthough it is brackish water but Volta river is highly infected. Therefore the shower is a bucket shower, the WC has to be cleaned with a bucket too. The sanitary building is more or less a worn-down ruin with 2 toilets and one shower, wall height 1,60 m and no roof. One toilet has a seat but no door, the second toilet has no seat, but a door which, however, cannot be closed. The only safe water source are mineral water bottles you can buy!!! Food is reasonable

Electric power: only a generator which will be run for several hours in the evening

The Beach Club is situated on the river side of the peninsula, swimming theoretically possible but less recommended (Bilharzia in the Volta river),  the sea side beach is separated by a sand wall (3-4m) with a partly destroyed fence made of flour sack covers (as wind barrier).  The seaside beach is quite polluted with dirt and plastics, the waves high and dangerous




Regards, Hartmut


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