News from Cape Three Points

Kate Woolever Martinez writes:

I have traveled to Ghana many times and have enjoyed your books! This past summer I took my high school students from Minneapolis, MN, USA there for 4 weeks. While there we were living in Cape Three Points. I wanted to reach out to you because Cape Three Points is doing some amazing things that need to be posted in your guide book for others to learn about.

In Cape Three Points they have Trinity School Yard a secondary school that works hard to focus their students on jobs once they graduate. They are taught a range of trades from traditional biology, geometry, and English classes to tile work, kente weaving, cement work and more. Now that the school has been around for quite a few years these students have graduated and have been working hard to bring the community alive with tourism. People are encouraged to visit the school when open as it has a beautiful library on the second floor.

They now offer home stays providing modest overnight accommodations including clean rooms with beds to live with friendly and welcoming local families. Everything is safe, clean and caters to tourists. Evenings they provide campfires by the ocean and drumming and dancing. Tourists can learn to cook local Ghanaian foods with their families and get to know Ghanaians on a personal level. They also offer batik lessons, hikes through a coconut forest, language lessons, kente weaving, and rides in the fishing boats with local fisherman to get the chance to catch fish. They regularly play soccer in the evening at the soccer field just yards away from the ocean and tourists are always welcome to join in on the fun. For great surfers, Cape Three Points is located right on the coast with some of the best surfing in West Africa. Many locals also were surfing and are willing to give lessons. They also still have the Cape Three Points light house to hike too.

Below are the contacts of the most welcoming and kindest people who are born and raised in Cape Three Points. They have been working hard to get accommodations and activities advertised to boost the tourism in Cape Three Points. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do or if you need any more information.
1. Francis Quaicoe
or 0264509198

2. (Jupiter) Nurudeen Zakari

3. (Ob) Joseph Tawiah

4. Bismark Cudjoe



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