Accra & Kumasi updates

Rob writes:

Just a few updates from a recent trip to Ghana in relation to your 6th edition (which was indispensable, and a terrific read – thanks!)

– The old Sea View Hotel immediately adjacent to the Jamestown lighthouse (and mentioned in Old Accra section) has now been demolished (to make room for a church I believe)

– It might be worth clarifying that the Help our Village guesthouse (mentioned as a budget option in the Kumasi section) is a private house with no signage in a residential area of Atasemanso (we had interpreted the book as implying you’d see or find it from Four Villages but we had to phone owner from there for directions). The host is the daughter of the Volta-region village’s Queen Mother. Her family are very long-suffering to have obruni wandering through their house!

– Beachcomber in Coco Beach Teishie, outskirts of Accra, is currently undergoing some extension/renovation building works. No restaurant as of July 2016. Looks as though they’re building a small swimming pool. Not really to be recommended at the moment

– As others have mentioned, National Museum Accra (again as of July 2016) closed for renovations


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