Green Zion Gardens, Butre

Irene writes:

Green Zion Gardens in Butre has upgraded its services since your last edition was published. Thos owner-managed lodge now offers accommodation (listed on as well as an Indian vegetarian restaurant and bar. It has 3 rooms for rent. 30 cedis each person. One is a double room with twin beds with bathroom and porch. The other is a round 2 double beds and bathroom. One is a tree house with double bed with outside bathroom. All rooms have electric, running water, fans and mosquito nets. All set amongst nature in a beautiful garden. You could check it out on

The restaurant now has Indian cuisine on its vegetarian menu, the favourite is Dhal and spinach.

The bar sells cocktails, beer and soft drinks, including medicinal healthy
drinks. Proper coffee (ie., Lavazza, Le Grand Mere (French) and Turkish coffees.
rooibos teas and English breakfast teas.

On the lawns it now has Thai yoga massage and offers 2 or 1 hour treatments.
He also offers African drumming classes.

It has a beautiful garden full of hammocks to enjoy the peaceful and tranquil nature.

One thought on “Green Zion Gardens, Butre

  1. Irene Young says:

    Ellis now has a 4 double bed dormitory on an acre of land opposite at Green Zion Garden. Also the land can be used for camping if you want to bring your tent at Butre Beach. A beautiful flower garden and organic vegetable project is going on there.

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