2016 trip report

Edith writes:
First of all: your guide book is really very helpful. Thanks a lot!!
I have a few comments for you:
1. Some prices have increased a lot.. like Kokrobite Garden. The prices of food and drinks are incredibly high. For Ghana too high!!
2. The Akofa Guesthouse in Amedzofe was wonderful. Very kind host, still very low price for the night and the food and also it has a special view from the veranda down until the Volta lake.
3. The entrances to the nationalparks like to the Twi Waterfall has increased.
4. In Banko the Moon and Star Guesthouse has the same low prices , a wonderful host, nice children and a superb breakfast, lunch and diner. And always something else. Also they are very helpful in giving advices for your travel..
5. In Stumble Inn in Elmina we arrived durty and we couldnt take a bath because there was no water and they were not able to bring us buquets.:-(
6. Ko Sa Beach Resort was really a very nice place but for our budget it was a bit expensive. Specially the food. There was no food with meat or fish under 10 euro…

So the people in Ghana were very friendly and it was always very easy to go by public transport, because anytime you need help they help you to find the right car and your luggage is already on the way to this car..:-)

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