Safari Beach Lodge, Akwidaa

Nouss writes:

I’d like to bring to your attention my big disappointment about one of the hotels listed in your 6th edition, and to suggest that you warn the readers regarding the deterioration of the facilities and the inappropriate, even disrespectful attitude of the management towards customers.

I went to Safari Beach Lodge (Akwidaa – Cape 3 Points) for the last New Year’s Eve. The huts were tiny and run down with no decoration, no door to separate the room and the bathroom, a ridiculously tiny bed for a double room, at the limit of cleanliness, and no space to sit outside for some time to escape this uncomfortable set up. The facilities need serious upgrade to even come close to other beach resorts in the region, especially for the price asked – 50 USD exclusive of VAT!!

The attitude of the management the worse: not welcoming from the start (accusing us of arriving one day late instead of blaming their own poor reservation management). When we told them that we wouldn’t stay another day because of our disappointment for the room, they didn’t try to understand why and just told us without any concern that we were welcome to do so since other guests would come and occupy the room (so much for customer service). Upon leaving we discovered much to our surprise that the bill included an extra charge for VAT, although this was not advertised anywhere in the hotel and never mentionned over the phone by the reservation manager. When we pointed out that this treatment was not acceptable and not common practice for hotels in Ghana (especially when it’s not clearly stated), the management’s answer was aggressive, rude and full of disdain.
We therefore believe this hotel should be avoided since there are other better options in the area (especially the newly opened Akwidaa Inn).

I hope this helps to maintain the quality and reliability of your excellent guide.

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