Kokrobite & Tema hotels

Philip writes:

I spent 8 weeks in Ghana. Below are a few observations.

Big Milly’s Backyard, Kokrobite

I can’t quite understand why you give this place such a good rating.We stayed their over Christmas & were very disappointed.The room had a piece of foam for a mattress the water pressure was very low & one morning there was no water at all for three hours.The food was very average & expensive for what it was.A surcharge for 24th & 25th December of 89 Ghana pp we only learned about upon arrival the meal was worth in our view around 45 Ghana.We were told not to walk to the left handside of the beach due to violent attacks in the past which meant we could only walk about 100 meters along the beach which was very dirty most of the time even though it was cleaned in the morning.In the past this may have been a cool place to be but now it is looking its age.At 155 Ghana a night it was very overpriced.We cut short our stay.


Friends Club Hotel, Tema

My Ghanaian partner went to see this hotel & was horrified even a friend of hers who is a taxi driver said “are you sure you want to go there its awful” & yes he was right. My partner thought it was terrible so cancelled our booking.I would be interested to know when you stayed their.

This was my first trip to Ghana & ge

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