Safety alert for coast between Busua and Cape Three Points

Françoise writes:

Yesterday on 2 Feb 2016 we were attacked on the road between Ezile Bay and Cape Three Points. We left for Cape Three Points on foot and followed the road and then the beach up to the village and then the light house. We ate at the village then came back the same way. On the road past the American school at the level of the rubber plantation, two men appeared in front of us holding machetes high and three more came from behind with knives. They ordered us to give them our bags or they would cut us.
The two French men did not want to give up and tried to fight. One did get a cut at the thumb and was sent to the ground. I and another lady try to run, but one of the men caught up with me, slamming me with the flat of the cutlass saying ‘give give or I cut you’.
They took my camera, nothing else in my bag, but the four others had everything stolen – paper money, phone, camera…
We connected with the assembly men of both villages. The police from Dixcove came by taxi, the Agona one is too corrupt, Danielle the owner of Ezile Bay did her best (also paid the taxi)
We drove in her pickup with the police in the evening to Cape Three Points, saw a known supect on a motorbike running away, and a while later we found two bags on the side of the road full of the things they did not want, including passports and credit cards! The French embassy is looking into the matter.
We understand that this was not a one-off incident. Similar attacks have happened in the same area before, but nobody likes to talk about it, they say take a guide, that road is dangerous… but not why. They have suspects but no clear evidence and the village people are protecting their own. Also there is no real chief authority in both villages at the moment.
I was really shaken. I’ve known Ghana since 1972 and love the place and the people. This kind of thing happens on the beach in Lomé, that I know. Sadly, people are going to avoid these beautiful beaches, and the hotel business will collapse if authority is not brought back to that part of the country

4 thoughts on “Safety alert for coast between Busua and Cape Three Points

  1. rebeccm says:

    Hi there, I just wanted to add that something similar happened to me leaving the drive way of Ezile Bay about 2 years ago- a very subtle road block which we got out to move and suddenly 1 and then another 3 young men with large knives jumped out, grabbed my friend from behind and proceeded to take all our bags out of the car, thankfully not managing to access the boot and not trying to drive the car away. We also had a very difficult time getting a police report from Agona Junction.

  2. Dadifu says:

    These attacks are happening every where in the world. More in Paris and New York… It is so sad and unfortunate but we all must stand up and not be afraid. Rebbecm and Francoise the guy organize the robbery isnot on the village anymore and can’t come back. Police is looking at this situation.

    • philipbriggs says:

      Dadifu – everyone understands that armed attacks might happen anywhere, and that Ghana is generally a pretty safe place, but all the same, if we are aware of a specific place where travellers are regularly being robbed at knifepoint, as seems to be the case here, it would be remiss not to alert travellers to that danger!

  3. dadifu says:

    For sure Philip. Security first. Im glad isnot regurlarly. Is 2 cases in 2 years. We give advice to guests. Some are listening and take a tour guide. Some dont want and….we are working with police chiefs ans assembly man. Already one thief can not come back on this area. Actually working on the 2nd one.

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