Beyin, Nzulezo and Tafi Abuipe

Tom writes:

All in all, we loved Ghana and found your guide book very helpful.

But thought readers might be interested to know that for the two day period we stayed at Beyin, the sea had some kind of yellow sticky scum floating on the surface, which was pretty gross to swim in and made our skin feel tacky afterwards. It was very hard to clean it off ourselves without hot water. We stayed in one of the huts at Cyprus Guesthouse on the beach front and the roofing thatch was covered in the same yellow goop (presumable blown there in sea spray from the onshore breeze). Not to sound conspiratorial, but if I were a betting man, I’d be looking at the recently established National Gas Processing Plant. In my opinion, the town is not worth visiting if swimming at the beach involves getting covered in mysterious yellow crap because for me, the beach is the main attraction.

Also worth mentioning is that when we visited Nzulezo, we had to sit with the chief’s son, who talked to us for a while and then told us we had to record our details in their visitor’s book. He asked us for a donation “from our hearts” and we were told to record in the book how much money we were giving the village. This was all done with a bunch of men standing over us with the intention of pressuring people to give said donation, which, I noticed from previous entries, appears to work rather effectively. In my opinion Nzulezo was a pretty uninteresting half-day trip. Despite preparing myself for something rather well-trodden, I found it all to be uncomfortably voyeuristic.

Lastly, we also visited Tafi Abuipe and while I wouldn’t describe it as “hassle”, we were told we had to pay a 20 Cedi village entry fee per person. When our eyebrows shot up, our guide suddenly remembered it was 15 Cedis per person. We weren’t even allowed to view the weaving products without taking the mandatory tour of the village, which given its nature, also made me feel pretty uncomfortable.

One thought on “Beyin, Nzulezo and Tafi Abuipe

  1. James says:

    I agree with Tom generally regarding Nzulezu, the lake and canoe ride made the trip worthwhile, but the village was rather sad and the spontaneous donation might have come more freely if the guide had been less passive.

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