News from Busua & Kumasi

Sophia Kahn writes:

I’m just back from a two week holiday in Ghana and found your guide really helpful and informative – thank you.

I thought I send a couple of updates while everything is still fresh in my mind.

Firstly, about Busua:

I loved this place with its beautiful beach and particularly wanted to mention Ahanta Waves surf shop (formerly Black Star), which is now entirely Ghanaian owned and run. Owner Peter and his fellow teachers are super welcoming and very patient, particularly helpful for a complete surfing novice like me! These guys are running a great business and I would encourage anyone visiting Busua to take some lessons or hire boards from them. They are teaching some of the local kids to surf too, so the shop is a great part of the community in Busua.

Also worth mentioning in Busua is a cafe, currently just known as The Cafe, but soon to have new name. It’s the white building with a green gate, opposite Dadson’s Lodge. The Cafe is run by lovely Londoner Carole, who has been living in Ghana for many years. Carole serves the most delicious cakes (I can vouch for the brownies and caramel cupcakes) as well as really good coffee, iced if you like. Carole is a really creative baker, working with local ingredients to create the most delicious treats.

Finally, just a quick Kumasi update. Vic Baboo’s is no longer in business. Also, the staff at Kumasi Catering Guesthouse didn’t seem to know anything about the swimming pool mentioned in the book.

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