Closures in Akwidaa and Tamale

Sam writes:

Just spent five weeks in Ghana and would like to notify of a couple of changes.

The Green Turtle Lodge in Akwidaa/Cape Three Points is closed for construction and renovation work for the foreseeable future (a taxi driver I spoke to seemed fatalistic about it ever reopening). On the bright side however, it’s up for sale, so if you fancy a Ghanaian beach lodge for your property portfolio…

One more closure to speak of: Sparkles restaurant in Tamale has too shut its doors (I have no idea if the lodge the owners ran had to shut too as I stayed at TICCS, but that could be worth checking out).

One thought on “Closures in Akwidaa and Tamale

  1. Philip Lewis says:

    How did you find security. ? I have been told by a Ghanaian friend there are now more armed robberies .At night a great part of Accra is now unsafe for tourists to walk around. The airport is also dangerous at night with taxis only willing to take passengers to hotels where they get commission. All this seems to be in contradiction to what I have read in Bradt Guide & via internet but I would rather be prepared for the worse.

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