Dance and Drum lessons in Tamale

Pilar writes:

The information and the numbers for Dance and Drums lessons that appear in the guide are not working any more.

But good lessons are available in the Cultural Centre. The teacher’s name is Maigah. He is a Ghanaian who has studied dance and percussion and works as a teacher and performer. He teaches traditional dances, coreographies and the current dances so you will be able to dance at the disco like a ghanean. The lessons are physically very demanding, you will exercise and sweat a lot, but he can reduce the rhythm if you can’t stand.

He also teaches drums, there are different instruments, styles and rythms. It is also at the Cultural Center, the acoustic of the room is amazing.

The lessons are very interesting, you can ask him about everything, he is really kind and likes talking about Ghana and its culture.

The lessons are every Thursday at 5pm at the Cultural Center, but the date and time can change. He is also available another days and can go to another places to give the lessons. So better call him before going!

Maigah: +233 054 376 9675


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