Busua Hotel feedback

Birgit, Robert & Christine write:

We are 3 people: one born Ghanaian, one German, one Danish, we are all between 55 and 60 years and have been several times to Ghana before, and would therefore classify ourselves as experienced Ghana Travellers.

We are right now at Busua Beach. At Alaska Beach Resort, we asked for two rooms with bathroom. Both the rooms were incredibly dirty. Dirty toilets, glass pieces on the floor next to the bed. Nobody likes to go to the hospital because of an injured foot here. All the furniture is greasy, when you touch it. It seems that people are smoking pot there, because it smells like that. The price was 70 Cedis per room without breakfast.

Then we went to Dadson’s Lodge. For a family room with balcony and sea sight we’re paying 25 C including breakfast per person. The people here are very friendly and helpful. And the Service is good. A much better deal!


One thought on “Busua Hotel feedback

  1. James Fraser says:

    I have stayed at Alaska before. Never again. I have warned people against going
    there. Good to hear about Dadsons Lodge.

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