Guides at Wli Falls

A reader writes:

I would like to alert other woman travellers that, whilst swimming in the pool below Wli Falls, I was sexually assaulted by the guide assigned to me at the tourist office. I don’t want to frighten women travellers off going to Wli altogether, since it is a beautiful spot and this guide is probably one bad apple. However, I would suggest that single women try to pair off with other travellers before walking to the falls, and exercise some caution on the walk, in particular as to whether they swim in the pool below the falls.

2 thoughts on “Guides at Wli Falls

  1. Kavita says:

    I just got back from Wli Falls and wish I’d seen this before I left. As a single female doing the upper falls loop hike, I was terrified for most of it (and I wish I could say it was because of the slippery trail).

    My guide started saying things like “if god blesses us with a child during this hike”, or “You are so beautiful. I just want to touch you” (thankfully only taking my hand with that one), about an hour into the hike. He also pointed out “You need me. You don’t know where to go otherwise” (so there’s no turning around).

    I wear a fake engagement ring whenever travelling alone, which usually wards off these kinds of comments. When I mentioned that my (fake) fiance was not in Ghana, he proceeded to say “I’m going to keep you in Ghana” and “Here, it doesn’t matter. I could have a former wife, and girlfriends, we can still have children”.

    I would’ve accepted most of the above as jokes, if he hadn’t continued to bring this up for the entire 8 hours we were on the hike! Even after I got angry, and told him to stop, he continued his comments. Suffice to say, there was no way in hell I was going to jump into the waterfall in my bathing suit in front of him – especially since there was no one else around.

    Moral of the story: Be wary if climbing the trail alone as a female.

    FYI, the only guide I’ve heard good reviews of is the guide organizer. I don’t know his name, but you’ll recognize him immediately, he speaks English better than anyone there. I wish I’d requested him.

  2. Stephanie Brandl says:

    I recently went to Wli in a group of 3 (2 female, 1 male) and we arranged a 2-days hike where we passed upper and lower falls and stayed in a Togolese village for the night. Our guide was the one recommended in the guidebook (Francis), he seemed very nice the day before the tour and also the price was reasonable (C50 for the loop and C50 for him, for the tour, per person). But when we started walking the next morning, he kept asking the one guy travelling with us about the sleeping situation and which of us his girlfriend was. He also ‘accidentally’ grabbed my hand during the tour and apologized after I whithdrew it. Swimming at the upper falls wasn’t a problem though. It again started at night after we’ve arrived in the village and wanted to take a (bucket) shower. He somehow wanted to go together with us girls which we clearly refused. Later when sitting on a bench he also couldn’t keep his hands by himself and started touching my friend’s butt.The craziest thing however happened just before going to sleep when he offered a condom to the guy in our group suggesting to him that ‘we will probably need them tonight’. We somehow solved the situation by announcing that we girls sleep together in the tent which left the bed for the two guys. In the end we have gotten home safe but I don’t want to imagine what happened if one of us did the tour alone with him.
    The tour itself was amazing, the hike was wonderful, not too difficult but the view is incredible. Also the people in the village were very sweet and the children super curious about these strange white people 😉 I just recommend to not do the tour alone as a woman and either go as a couple or group up with other travellers which in the end is super annoying not being able to do a simple hike without fearing sexual harassment in a situation where you can’t really escape…

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