Various travel tips & updates

Bettina writes:

1. Exchange students (or anyone one else) staying at the University of Ghana in Legon should try to go via Madina (from the Legon stop Okponglo) when travelling to anywhere outside Accra, rather than going into Accra to Kaneshie, Circle or Tema station. Madina has trotros to most destinations around Ghana, and starting there can easily cut two hours from your trip, depending on traffic.

2. When going to from Legon to Ada Foah, which you should see, the way to get there is to take a trotro to Madina, then to Ashaiman, then to Ada Foah. When you get off in Ada Foah, you will need to get on a motorbike and walk the rest of the way to your hotel, so it’s quite a trek. On the return trip, direct trotros from Ada Foah to Accra should be available.

3. Especially if you’ll be living in Ghana, make sure to bring a power bank for your mobile phone, as the country is still experiencing an energy crisis and you will not have electricity a lot of the time. Electronic devices are quite expensive here.

4. There is not much to do for a single traveller in Tamale. When I contacted “Meet Africa” (MARVEL) as suggested in the book, they told me they didn’t do tours for individual travellers, only groups. My only option was to hire a taxi driver from the market to drive me around, which I can recommend, but there was not a lot to see.


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