News from Mole NP, Larabanga and Damongo

Céline writes:

I would like to thank and congratulate you for the guidebook on Ghana. I’m living here now, and will be for another year and a half, and the book has turned out to be my best friend!

I recently visited Mole National Park and Larabanga and I would like to update you on a few things:

The road is now entirely and well surfaced all the way from Fufulsu to Sawla, enabling you to drive any kind of car from Tamale to Mole Park without any problem in around 2 hours. The main roads in the park are well surfaced as well (according to the locals, “President John D. Mahama has done a good job”!).

Zaina Lodge is scheduled to open in Mole NP in August 2015 (some delays were encountered along the way…).

The Salia Brothers Guesthouse is now closed at its old location (the junction with Mole Park road) and the only guesthouse that remains in Larabanga is now the former Savanna Lodge, simply renamed Salia Brothers Guesthouse. I decided against staying there, seeing the poor condition of the rooms, even though they are not equipped with a small fan.

I also stopped at Damongo on the way:

The St. Charles Guesthouse is in poor condition. I stayed there during a stormy night, and it was raining inside the room, leaving it flooded for some part of the night. It was not particularly clean, the bathroom and shower doors were broken, and I suspected a mouse to have spent the night uninvited in my room…

After this, I decided to ask people around for another guesthouse. I was directed to Home Touch guesthouse. It is a little more expensive than the other solutions available in Damongo, but it was worth it (prices range from 40 to 60 cedis). Rooms are equipped with AC and/or fan, self contained, with TV and fridge for some of them. Phone number: 0242165751

Mahama Guesthouse is noisy, dirty and smelly so I also decided against staying there, but the food is delicious as mentioned in your guide.

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