Akwidaa Inn, near Busua

Trevor Stephens, owner of Akwidaa Inn, writes

Akwidaa Inn is a beachfront accommodation facility in traditional African style, situated just before the old fishing village of Akwidaa near Busua. The inn consists of eight huts / four smaller and four larger (20′ diam.) each having its own ensuite shower and toilet facility. There are also outside showers and toilets for the ‘rustic at heart’ traveller. A large spacious bar is equipped for dining and is subject to the very welcome sea breezes which, along with the sound of the sea, are a constant reminder of its presence.

Green turtles seasonally emerge and are focus of watchers seeking them (indeed the once famous Green Turtle Lodge is only about 500 metres before us on the road from Dixcove). Both lodges are on google places near Akwidaa.
The bedding is clean and the bedding comfortable, the beds are netted and there are electric fans in the rooms which only function when the generator is on (all night if guests are in).
We have set the current rates at around GHC100 for the large huts and GHC80 for the small huts per person per night.
The menu will be determined by what is currently available from the sea / (the village) / and Takoradi (the closest city).

For more details contact the manager Isaac (mobile +233246954353) or myself (+233549158469 or visit our mobile-friendly website http://www.akwidaainn.com.


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