Ahunu Bike Tours, Kokrobite

Susan writes:

I use Bradt all the time when traveling in Africa so am excited to give you an update for your Ghana guidebook.

I went on this really tour with Ahunu Bike Tours which took me to the Solo Monkey Forest, the hills of Kokrobite and nearby poultry feed as well as on a Densu River canoe ride where we did bird watching. This bike tour took me through Kokrobite and I got a different view of the area – one I had no idea about and didn’t read about in any guidebook.

I really enjoyed ABT (that’s what the owner Edwin calls it) and rode on a good quality mountain bike. I think he has several to choose from. He gave me the tour and is a well spoken with great manners and is very knowledgable about the area. He’s also fun to hang out with. It didn’t seem like it was a job for him but something he really enjoys doing.

I hope you consider adding this new exciting bike tour to your guidebook. It definitely made my stay in Kokrobite extra special.

Ahunu Bike Tours doesn’t have a website yet but below is Edwin’s info. He has also posted information at the reception of Big Milly’s Backyard and at the entrance of Big Milly’s.

+233 240025792
+233 542436650


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