Transport at Mole National Park

Ibrahim Matinu writes:

My name is Ibrahim Matinu and I have a Motorbike,Bicycle and a car to rent at the Mole National Park in Ghana. There is also a room available for short stays. If you are interested, please contact me on this number or send me an email.
My number is: +233246678296
My email is:


2 thoughts on “Transport at Mole National Park

  1. Michael the guide says:

    Greetings Travellers. Grassroot tours is a travel and tour company based in Tamale. we pride ourselves as the northern experts. Michael was born in Mole National park and have been conducting tours to Mognori Eco village after he help establish it with support from mole national park, SNV, and Arocha Ghana. Grassroottours offer Tour guide service and car rental. Call +233541668682 and book a trip to mole national park, Paga crocodile pond, wechiau hippo sanctuary and many more places across the length and breath of Ghana. He speaks nine local languages which always play to his advantage as he always takes tourist to the details of information. 0541668682

  2. Mole nationl park ibrahimmatinu says:

    Hello! I just finished a trip to Mole (and it was great!). Based on this website, I called Ibramhim Martinu (who posted above) for his help. He was awesome and helped figure everything out. He is honest, fair, kind, and he grew up at Mole so he lives in the community and knows everything about the region. I recommend reaching out to him if you want to come here. His info is below, and he just created a WordPress website as well (link below).

    Wishing you safe and exciting travels!
    Clare Sierawski

    Martinu: +233246678296 (this is also his whatsapp number)
    Email is:

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