JayNii Resort in Accra is STILL OPEN!!!

Caitlin writes:

I wanted to email you about the JayNii Beach Resort in Accra. We were there about two weeks ago and just wanted to pop in to see what it was like. The place was deserted so we thought perhaps they were closed, but then we met Nii who told us that it had been like this for the last couple of months. In fact, we were the first visitors they’d had in a month or so, and Jay had stopped cooking and they’d stopped stocking the bar. They told us it was because the hawkers that hang around at the base of the lighthouse had noticed that a lot of travellers go to JayNii, so that had started intercepting them, telling them that it’s closed and offering to take them on paid tours of the fishing village. Although this did not specifically happen to us, some people did try to dissuade us from going to JayNii, and towards the fishing village instead (to be met by a guide I would imagine). This really does seem to have significantly damaged the organisation, and Jay and Nii were both quite distressed. They want people to know that the Beach Resort is still very much open…!


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