July/Aug 2014 trip report

Max & Katja write:

We just arrived back from our 6 week trip to Ghana in July/August 2014. Firstly I want to say thank you for your great guide (latest edition), that helped us a lot and is much better than the German guide we used first. But we want to help and give you some feedback to improve the next edition.

Akosombo:  The ferry from Akosombo through the Volta Lake no longer starts on Sunday, but on Monday. When we arrived there (at the ferry port), they said they were on strike and this were normal for this time of the year. No harvest period -> no passengers -> no money for workers. In addition to that, there were not enough fuel. So we suggest to call one or two days earlier to confirm that the ferry is going. Best office to call is the security gate 0343020697.

Kumasi: The Basel Guesthouse in Kumasi was really perfect with clean rooms, running water, nice breakfast (6 Cedi) and laundry! 

Lake Bosomtwe : Trotro station from Kumasi to the lake is not an extra station anymore. There are Trotros leaving from Asafo Station, but there is no Trotro direct to the Lake (just to Kuntanase from Kejetia station). But you can go from Asafo station to Agogo on the outskirts, from there to Kuntanase and from there to the lake via Taxi.

Cape Three Points: To get a Trotro to and from Cape Three Points (village), it is best to go onn wednesdays, because it is market day, so more Trotros are going.

Koforidua:  The Kes Hotel in was really nice, clean, cheap and much better than described in the book.

Begoro: The Darkos Hostel in was not good. Cheap, but dirty, not nice staff and no running water. By the way it is useful to know, that Begoro is pronounced more like “Begro”.

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