Wli, Mole & Akosombo ferry updates

Lucia Witz writes:

I have been in Ghana this Winter (2013/14). Here are the 3 thingst I think are most important to know:

Wli: This place is very touristic. I had the impression that I always had to pay attention not to pay far to much money for a service. In other places around Ghana this was not that much the case. Therefore I was glad to find a nice and simple place to stay: https://www.facebook.com/vincent.mokli1 Staying in Ras Modostko Paradise is not expensive at all (about 15 cedis a night). You get your own little house standying in a lawn. The family there is very friendly and will invite you to join them for dinner. They can provide you with informations about the waterfall and other spots and tell you what prices you should expect. The place is found a the end of the village just about 10min form the falls. People there know it as the “RasteParadis”. As metioned the place is simple: There is a pit latrine and you’ll have to shower with rainwater from a barrel. Nowhere else did a find myself so wellcomed and ballanced.

Ferry Akosombo – Yeji: In October 2013 the ferry was working. Be prepared to sleep on the floor. Bring your own food with you. Nearly nobody in the ferry spoke English and the stops were not announced. We arrived in Yeji at about 11pm. The harbour is not a safe place at night. So we were glad that we found a woman on board that could bring us directly to a hotel near the harbour. Otherwise the ferry is a great opportunity to experience the live of common Ghanians. The inconviniences are worth the adventure!

Mole National Park: I walked from the village. The way is easy to find but it took me almost 1hour. It’s nice to see the mosque and the guide is for free. But for the whole trip they will urge you to spend money for there school. At the end the guide shows you a book where people wrote how much they donated and you are asked to do the same. If you don’t bothere about these requests its a nice walk around the village.
Around the national park the mosquitos were very aggressiv. Although i wore long trousers and was walking in a cloud of mosquito-spray i got over 100 bites (they just loved me…).
Nevertheless the hotel is situated wonderfully and its a great pleasure just to spend most of the time sitting on the veranda or around the pool and admiring the nature.

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